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Please find below a list of services the Concrete Remedial Group can provided.

Concrete Remedial Group can complete jobs in confined spaces and working at heights.



Concrete Remedial Group use an extensive range of products which enable all type of methods to be used, specializing in sub level concrete, shot-crete repairs, car parks, pools, car stackers, elevator shafts, boards piers, capping beams, water tanks, water treatment plants, penetration sealing etc.

Epoxy and

Polyurethane Injection

Concrete Remedial Group are running with the leaders of the injection technologies using only the best products on the market with continuous proven results. Manufactures product range enable Concrete Remedial Group to combat a vast selection of structural and waterproof injection for almost any area of concern

Industrial /

Protective Coatings

Concrete Remedial Group have capabilities to apply many different coatings to suit most requests eg. chemical and acid resistant, trafficable, non-slip, concrete sealing, re-alkalization,chloride/corrosion protection, freeze and thaw,, negative side waterproof treatment, potable water approved etc.

Specialised Brickwork Repair

Concrete Remedial Group have the capabilities to install reputable repair systems to help secure and strengthen all masonry structures.

High Strength Quick Set Floor Repair

Concrete Remedial Group have the capabilities to install high strength quick set concrete repairs for fast returns back to service in high traffic areas.

Movement Joint Installation / Repair

Concrete Remedial Group repair and install numerous different types and styles of movement joint systems generally as specified.


Concrete Remedial Group provide caulking services for all your needs, environmental containment to movement/control joints, quickset, trafficable, chemical resistant 

Waterstop / Waterproof Tape Systems

Concrete Remedial Group install waterstops and waterproofing tape systems as part of a waterproofing treatment

Crack Repair Systems

Concrete Remedial Group only use manufacture approved crack repair systems that are proven to work and are capable to service a wide range of cracks in many different conditions

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